Geographic Inquiry: Video with Transcript in Spanish

You can also see this video in English.

Narrador: ¡Hola todos! ¡Conozcan a Pa y José! Sigan adelante y vean cómo Pa y José usaron el proceso de investigación para responder a una pregunta de la geografía y como comunicaron con otros lo que aprendieron.

Narrador: Entonces, ¿Cómo se usan el proceso de la investigación para examinar los problemas sobre DONDE se encuentran unas cosas y CóMO se relacionan uno al otro?

Geographic Inquiry: Video with Transcript in English

You can also see this video in Spanish.

[Background scene of a street with light gray and white buildings of various sizes in the back.]

Narrator: Hi, Everybody! Meet Pa and Jose! Follow along to see how Pa and Jose used the inquiry process to answer a geographic question and communicate what they learned to others.

[A hand slides up from the bottom of the screen carrying the text “Hi everybody, meet…” to the upper lefthand corner. Hand slides out of view.]

Elementary Geography Resources Video with Transcript

Hi I’m Jess Winkelaar are from the Minnesota Center for Social Studies Education.

Welcome to the elementary geography resource video.

The purpose of this video is to share powerful resources with classroom teachers. I will walk you through three websites to highlight resources for teaching geography.

Please pause the video as needed to write down a website address or discuss an idea with your teaching team.

[A woman, Jess, stands in front of a screen titled Elementary Geography resources in yellow]

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