Economic Reasoning: Video with Transcript in Spanish

You can also see this video in English.

Narrador: ¡Hola Todos, conozcan a Pa y José!

Narrador: Esto es un cuento de cómo Pa y José usaron el proceso de toma de decisiones razonados para hacer una elección razonable. Haciendo elecciones es una habilidad importante en económica. Usando razonamiento para hacer elecciones es una habilidad importante que estudiantes practiquen en la escuela.

Narrador: ¿Qué debería hacer?

Economic Reasoning: Video with Transcript in English

You can also see this video in Spanish.

Narrator: Hi Everyone, meet Pa and Jose!

[White Background that looks like crumpled paper. Two hands slide up from the bottom bringing two children, Pa and Jose. Both have text reading their names above their heads. Animated graphics appear of two fluffy clouds, daisies, a cat, and a sun. Text reading “Everyone meet…” is in the top left corner.]

Economics for Secondary Students Video with Transcript

What is economics?

Economics is not a collection of facts to be copied down and memorized.

Nor is economics about a set of complex formulas to be solved or otherwise afraid of.

While economics can be very useful for running a business, is it is not all about business.

Rather, economics is the study of how people make choices under conditions of scarcity and the consequences of those choices for individuals and for the society as a whole.

We face scarcity in productive resources such as land, labor, and capital.

Economics for Elementary Students Video with Transcript

Hi, Flat Donald, how are you today? Oh I am doing fine. I’m very happy that you can see me in such a short notice.

So you want to talk to me, what do you want to talk to me about? Well, I want to know what economics is all about and what can I do with economics?

Oh, Flat Donald, that is a very wonderful question and a very important question. As a matter of fact, economics is about making decisions under the conditions of scarcity. What is scarcity?

Elementary Economic Resources Video with Transcript

Hi I'm Jess Winkelaar from the Minnesota Center for Social Studies Education. Welcome to the elementary economic resources video. The purpose of this video is to share powerful resources with classroom teachers. I will walk you through three websites to highlight resources for teaching economics. Please pause this video as needed to write down a website address or discuss an idea with your teaching team.

[A woman, Jess, stands in front of a screen. The title of the screen reads “Elementary Economic Resources” in yellow.]

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